Friday, 19 March 2010

Construction Work to Start!

Work is set to start on Monday 29th March to construct the new Playscape at Crow Wood! Visible Changes will start setting up on site, and the new play area will be open for use in the Summer. Keep checking back for progress photos and updates!

David Morgan, General Manager at Lyme Park said:
“The new Playscape will offer opportunities to create and enjoy play imaginatively. It will differ from the ‘average’ playground by allowing children to explore and challenge their surroundings, learn to take acceptable levels of risk and let their creativity shape the play value of the natural landscape.
The Playscape is also being designed to provide an inclusive play facility for children with special needs under the countryside based ‘Access for All’ play opportunities’ scheme.

Play is something children don’t get enough of. Simple pleasures and basic enjoyment is something that the National Trust really values. We’re grateful for WREN’s funding which has enabled the Playscape project to take place”.

Katherine Stanier, Senior Project Manager at Groundwork Cheshire said:
"The Crow Wood Playscape that families will be soon be able to enjoy is something of their own making. Our participatory design approach has ensured that the themes, features and challenges of the playscape are truly reflective of the aspirations of children, parents and visitors.

We have listened to the imaginative flair of a 7 year old school child and the practical considerations of an elderly carer who still has a great sense of fun. Added to this, The Access Collaboration Ltd have conducted a fantastic consultation to ensure that the Playscape is accessible, so we are confident that Crow Wood will be a place of great adventure for everyone."

Landscape Architects Adam White and Andrée Davies said:
"Think grassy mounds, innovative planting, timber decking, trees, tunnels, boulders complemented by modern well designed play equipment and you've got Playscape: an exciting and challenging space to play with unlimited creativity and imagination.
The project sits somewhere between the traditional playground design and the play value of building snowmen or climbing in trees. Forget swings and roundabouts, this innovative design rejects preconceived notions of a playground in favour of a more natural approach to play.

Remember how a fallen tree trunk could provide hours of entertainment, a sprinkling of snow endless fun? Playscape returns to these simple pleasures encouraging engagement with natural surroundings and taking acceptable levels of risk”.

Planning Permission Granted

The project team are pleased to confirm that the project has now been given planning consent by the Peak District National Park Planning Authority. We have worked very hard to ensure that the Playscape design will sit sensitively within the landscape and offer enhanced learning and adventure opportunities for young people visiting Lyme Park.