Friday, 6 August 2010

Playscape has a Great First Day

Children were smiling yesterday as they got to be the first to have a play in the brand new Crow Wood Playscape. We had lots of positive comments from excited youngsters and parents - if you've been down to Lyme Park and had a play please give us your thoughts on the project!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Playscape is Open!

The all clear was given to Crow Wood Playscape today and the gates were opened to the first users, who ran through the greats screaming!

And it's not just children who've enjoyed their first play - Lyme Park property staff and volunteers have been enjoying the playscape too!

We'd love to hear your feedback on the playscape if you manage to make a visit over the summer holidays - and please send in your photos so that we can post them on the blog (

The project team hope that everyone really enjoys the playscape over the coming years

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Playscape fit to Open!

Members of the project team today completed a final inspection of the playscape site and confirmed that upon completion of a final tidy up this afternoon, the project will be practically complete.

The National Trust are having information signs fabricated to provide information for parents, and as soon as these have been installed the playscape will be fit to open.

The signs are expected tomorrow, allowing the playscape to welcome its first users on Friday - however, if you are planning a visit to the playscape it is advisable to ring ahead and ensure the playscape has been opened (01663 762023).

Confirmation will be posted here on Friday, and pictures of the first few days of use will be posted next week.

Keep checking the blog for information on the official opening celebration, likely to be in early September.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Latest News

The Crow Wood Playscape project team had another site meeting this morning to go over the site with a fine tooth comb! The work is essentially complete, and the team have drawn up a final list of small items to be completed. The site will remain closed for a least a week to allow newly laid turf to take root, paths to settle and be re-rolled and to allow the contractors to tidy the site up and remove their tools, machinery and vehicles.

The new entrance sign

Tower walkway

The slide as viewed from the towers

View of treehouse from towers

The 'high side' from viewed from the treehouse deck

Treehouse complete with new fireman's poles

Friday, 23 July 2010

Opening News

The Project Team met on site this afternoon to assess progress and list any small items of work that require attention before the gates can open.

Progress over the last fortnight has been excellent, and the work left to complete is very miminal. The team have decided that the playscape will be given a week to 'bed in' - this will allow newly laid turf to establish so that it is not damaged by the high numbers of visitors expected once the gates open.

With this in mind, we are moving into the last couple of weeks of the build - an opening date will be more clear after a further project team site visit on Tuesday 27th July. We know there are lots of eager families keen to make their first visit so we want to make certain everything is right before we tell you all to come along and play!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Almost There!

The Playscape is within touching distance of opening, and the project team will meet tomorrow to check over the site and decide whether the gates can be opened next week.

The contractors are working frantically to put the finishing touches in place as the Playscape shapes up for its first visitors.

Check back tomorrow for opening news....

Carved Badgers

Climbing trees and carved egg

Hammock house

Willow eggs

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Another Great Day Out!

Families from Stockport took part in nature treasure trails at Lyme Park yesterday - and were offered a sneak peak of the Playscape on a site tour led by Groundwork Cheshire staff.

The Stockport families were invited to have a look around the site in return for their view on whether they felt the Playscape design accomodates children of all abilities.

All of the comments were positive, and the families thought that we had utilised the consultation advice from families during our design process to good effect, and that as such the Playscape accomodates children with a range of abilities.

From the comments, it will be important that we advertise exactly what facilities within the Playscape are accessible so that parents and carers know what to expect before they visit. Also, from observing the families on site we are now looking at including additional hand support to help access up the boulder scramble.

A great day was had by all! The invaluable advice from our participating families will be fed directly to the designers and contractors for any last minute tweaks, and also to the National Trust so that they can consider the design of any future developments on the site as well as the details of the advertising literature for the Playscape.

The first family off to visit the site

Taking in the view of the tree house

The treehouse access ramp has taken shape since last week

Two baby badgers spotted hiding from the contractors

Scaffolding in place for the willow nest to be constructed