Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Latest News

The Crow Wood Playscape project team had another site meeting this morning to go over the site with a fine tooth comb! The work is essentially complete, and the team have drawn up a final list of small items to be completed. The site will remain closed for a least a week to allow newly laid turf to take root, paths to settle and be re-rolled and to allow the contractors to tidy the site up and remove their tools, machinery and vehicles.

The new entrance sign

Tower walkway

The slide as viewed from the towers

View of treehouse from towers

The 'high side' from viewed from the treehouse deck

Treehouse complete with new fireman's poles


  1. Coooooooooome on, we'll be climbing the walls to get in soon :)

  2. Great photos - they've really whet our appetite! We've already taken the kids to peer through the fence and over the wall. Is there any chance you will be open on Monday for the Bank Holiday?

  3. Thanks for your comments! The playscape will be open before the Bank Holiday weekend. I can understand everyone is desperate to get in there as it is going to be fantastic!

    The project is essentially complete, but we're just making sure that everything is perfect and bedded in so that it can cope with the number of children expected to be playing there as soon as it opens!

    The existing play area is still open at Lyme but it won't be long until you can all come in and play on the new one!