Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Progress Report

As we enter the last month of construction, the playscape is really starting to take shape. The tree house is going to be a real focal point for families visiting the park - work has now started on a fully accessible ramp up to the main tree house platform.

Not long to go!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Groundwork North West Staff Conference Pays a Visit!

The Groundwork federation held its annual North West regional staff conference yesterday to share best practice from around the region amongst Groundwork staff, and Lyme Park was one of the star features.

Twenty members of staff were taken on a tour of the Playscape site as part of a workshop looking at current practices in play space delivery. The Groundworkers were able to take a sneak peak of work on the site as we enter the last month of construction - and their impressions of the design and build quality were great.

The site has certainly progressed over the last few weeks - the photos below show the new boulder path up to the slide, the tree house roof starting to come together, and the tree stump seating area in situ on the low side of the playscape.

The double width slide and boulder scramble

Treehouse taking shape

Decking, swing and tree stump seating area

Friday, 4 June 2010

Work Underway on Treehouse

Subcontractors Hillan and Hunter have been beavering away on the bespoke timber features at Lyme Park over the past few weeks. The timber walkway is looking absolutely great, and they have now turned their attentions to the large timber treehouse.

The treehouse will be one of the star features of the playscape - accessible to all, with a great sense of height as the ground slopes away under one side. It will feature a timber shingle roof and scramble nets to provide an alternative way up and down for the more adventurous.

The photos show the latest progress and the form of the treehouse starting to take shape.