Thursday, 8 July 2010

July Update

The site is changing every day as we edge ever-closer to completion.

The treehouse is evolving into an exciting feature - the roof is now taking shape ready for the cedar shingles to be laid, and the access ramp structure is coming on apace.


  1. When does it open? We are dying to have a go. It looks like you've done a wonderful job. The kids can't wait!!!

  2. Thanks Cathy - we're glad you're so excited to come and play with your kids!

    We're on the final stretch now so it won't be long at all - I will be posting an opening date as soon as it's all signed off and will also post details of an official launch once a date has been set.

  3. It would be great to find out the launch date - are we talking days or weeks? Also, when is the old playpark closing? My 4 year old would like to say her final goodbyes to it when we visit to explore the new playground!

  4. We are meeting later today to check over the site and decide when it can be opened - but we're talking days now so check back later today for news!