Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Brookside School Give us their Ideas

Pupils at Brookside Primary school have taken part in consultation sessions with Groundwork staff to give us their ideas about the proposed new playscape.

The school takes part in the National Trust Guardianship scheme, allowing the pupils access to Lyme Park many times throughout the year. Lyme Park can be viewed from the grounds of the school, meaning that nearly all of the children at the school have been to Lyme Park and live close by.

As such, the children were very knowledgeable about Lyme Park, and Crow Wood in particular. Pupils from Years 2 -6 filled in a short questionnaire by ticking the activities that they like to do or would like to do when they play.

In total, 96 children were asked what they enjoy about Lyme Park, with answers ranging from ‘…lots of animals’ to ‘…playing in the woods’.

Some children said that they enjoyed playing on the fallen tree within Crow Wood because this provided ‘…danger…’, ‘…height…’, ‘…somewhere to climb…’. Other comments suggested that the fallen tree provided a good place to play. Some children said that they enjoyed playing ‘...pirates…’, and also used the fallen tree as a castle or a boat for other role-play games.

All of this information gives us a great steer on what the new playscape designs should include to make the project successful and popular with children.

Furthermore, the children took part in design workshops, drawing their ideal play spaces, and their ideas for the new play area in Crow Wood, which can be seen below:

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